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논문 상세정보

중국·인도의 원산지규정과 대응 방안

A Study on the Counterplan for Rules of Origin of China․India

무역연구 v.8 no.1 , 2012년, pp.289 - 312   http://dx.doi.org/10.16980/jitc.8.1.201203.289

FTA is an important factor in Korea's trade area expansion and economic development.This study is to review the importance and effectiveness of rules of origin under the FTA, explore the rules of origin for the China and India, and seek the effective managements of rules of origin to attain development plans and implications for maximum utilization of Korea FTA.The government under spreading FTA have to cover the effect of spaghetti ball effects, than it is needed to review the important of FTA both the quality and quantity.Also budget and support to Korea Institute of Origin Information should be strengthened.In corporate sides, it is required to use the supporting tools and policy backing of the government, and in particular, customs and organizations for e-Trade should take advantage of the information services.In human resources, it is necessary to coordinate the professional staff of rules of origin and to archive effective and substantial collaboration frame among industry, university, and government.

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