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논문 상세정보

법륭사금당에 있어서 장엄의 의의

The Sigruficance of Magnificence in holyu temple

불교미술사학 v.17 , 2014년, pp.139 - 170  
미타 카쿠유키

In this paper, a magnificent art, which is installed inside the Golden Hall ofHolyu Temple, has been the focal point to consider the subject of space socalled ‘Golden Hall’ with a major clue of Sanakdo (Paintings of Mountain). Firstof all, as for the plinth of Buddha Triad, a painted Nahando (the painting ofBuddha’s disciples) in the mountain takes attention. As it has been passeddown according to Lotus Sūtra, Yeoraesoolyangpum (Buddha’s Life,Knowledge, Personality, Tathāgata-āyus-pramāṇa-parivarta), Buddha appearsat mountain Youngchi (Língjiū Shān) with monks to a Buddhist who has asincere heart in Buddhism, which can become an iconic source. By this it canbe thought that Buddha Triad in the Golden Hall may present the Buddha’spreaching at mountain Youngchi. Also, this image becomes an important cluefor the consideration of other magnificent arts.Namely, as for the canopy (bal․da․chin, at the end of 7th century), it is aspecial point as the mountains are presented around the inner side. It ispossible to understand the meaning of the work piece as it is stated in『Yumakyung』 (Mahāyāna Scriptures, wémóīng) that million realms coveredthe world by a miracle of Buddha and that there appeared many mountains init. Also, as for the wall painting of Golden Hall in an outer space, the elementwhich presents Buddha, Female Buddhist, and Monk together with mountainsalmost corresponds to the content of the miracle which is explained in theintroduction of Lotus Sūtra.Namely, it can be said that the image shown at the wall painting of plinthcanopy is common in a sense of ‘miracle’. It is interpreted in Lotus Sūtra·Mahāyāna that worshippers might lift the thought of enlightenment(Bodhicitta) by seeing the miracle, and the miracle serves as a momentum tobegin the preaching according to the construction of Buddhist temple. Indeed,beyond the time and the place, by meeting with Buddha who preaches at themountain Youngchi and seeing the miracle, the subject of space which lifts thethought of enlightenment can be seen through the review of magnificent art.

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