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논문 상세정보

통영, 이순신 그리고 시조문화

Tongyoung, Yi sun-sin, and Sijo Culture

해항도시문화교섭학 no.12 , 2015년, pp.181 - 202  

It is obvious that people in past when transportation was not yet developed had trouble to move to other region. In this situation, it is not difficult to predict that regional culture surely formed. In spite of this environmental condition, several genres included inherent culture in this regional cultural area were possessed, this remaining even in now formed form of this own culture. This study searched history and culture of Tongyoung to discover why this region was historically crucial, culturally well-developed. Also, Tongyoung was place where Yi sun-sin won at battle of Hansan Island, and made . Through discourse of Yi sun-sin, this study researched sijo culture in Tongyoung region. Especially, Tongyoung was place where Anthology recognized as product for central was produced., Heungbibu was anthology reflected geisha culture in Tongyoung. Also, Tongoung was region where sijo had wide influential power as literature in modern age. Cultural art was developed based on central in Chosun age. Tongyoung was not central, as Tongjeyoung specialized navy port, Sijo as song was developed, because of this, Anthology could also compile and possess.

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