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논문 상세정보

'Bibliography'의 어휘와 '중국재래의 목록학' -특히 아편전쟁이전을 중심으로

Bibliography and the Cenventional Chinese Catalogue - Emphasis on the period prior to the Opium War-


Usage and scope of the word Bibliography in comparison with in conventional Chinese Catalogue (中國 在來 目錄學) (1) Usage of the word in connection with the study of books in the West has been changed from 'writing of books' (17th century) to the meaning of 'study of a book as an object'(l8th century), and this meaning of the 18th century has been transmitted up to the present. (2) In its scope, 14 branches(eight in physical aspect, six in content of books) were set up independently for the study of a book as an object. On the other hand, the term Textual Bibliography(校수學) was in use in China before the Opium War, however the word Catalogue (目錄學) has been a current word for the subject study as in the case of Bibliography in the West. And in the scope of study of a book as an object, although some of its aspect is somewhat similar to the Occidental Bibliorgraphy, the main stream of learning is regregarded as the root and the physical aspects as branches and lea leaves, thus the latter has been treated with less importance.

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