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비도서자료의 매체표시에 관한 연구

A Study on the Medium Designator In Non-book Materials


This paper is the study on the Medium Designator in Non-book materials. Main contents of this study were as follows; 1. The medium designator serves to indicate the class of material to which an item belongs. This is used to give an 'early warning' ;to the catalogue user. 2. This medium designator may be further divided into two elements ; a general material designation (GMD), for example video-recording, and a specific material designation (SMD), for example, videodisc. 3. GMD: In cataloging, a term indicating the broad class of material to which a bibliographic item belongs, such as 'motion picture', and SMD : In descriptive cataloging, a term indicating the special class of material (usually the class of physical object) to which a biblographic item belongs, such as videocassette. 4. Locating the medium designator after the title proper was not prescribed until ISBD(G) and AACR2. In pre-ISBD(G) codes, the ,early, warning type of medium designator was placed after all title information. But in AACR2, the medium designator is placed after the title proper, but before parellel title and other title information. 5. In Terminology, Two separate lists of designations are given in AACR2, l.1C1, one for British and one for North American use. The British list contains fewer terms, and uses generic categories to group together some of the North American list. 6. The problem of where to place the medium designator might be circumvented by using some kind of early alerting device other than a formal element of biblliographic description. Various alternatives have been suggested. A more popular device is the provision of symbols or 'media code' which are part of the call number and indicate the porticular medium type. 'Colour-coding' the use of used by some libraries but is now longly discouraged. 7. According to Frost. The medium designatorhas been generally reeognized as serving three functions; 1) as a statement of the nature or basic format of the item cataloged and thus as a meant of informing the user as to the type of material at hand; 2) as a description of the physical charaetistics of medium and as a means of alerting the user to equipment needed to make use of the item. 3) as a device to distinguish different physical formats which share the same title. 8. AACR2 raises some problems which decision makers have neet had to face preriously It provides a GMD for every item in the collection including books and it makes the application of any or all GMD's optional.

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