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논문 상세정보

부유식 해양도시의 동적응답특성

Dynamic Response Characteristics of a Floating Ocean City in Waves


The dynamic response characteristics of a floating ocean city are examined for presenting the basic data for the design of huge offshore structures supported by a large number of floating bodies in waves. The numerical approach which is accurate in linear system is based on combination of a three dimensional source distribution method, wave interaction theory and the finite element method of using the space frame element. The hydrodynamic interactions among the floating bodies are taken into account in their exact form within the context of linear potential theory in the motion and structural analysis. The method is applicable to an arbitrary number of three dimensional bodies having any individual body geometries and geometrical arrangement with the restriction that the circumscribed, bottom-mounted. Imaginary vertical cylinder for each body does not contain any part of the other body. The validity of this procedure was verified by comparing with experimental results obtained in the literature.

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