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논문 상세정보

경기지역 김치 이용실태에 관한 연구

A Survey on Kimchi Utilization in Kyunggi province

한국 농촌생활과학회지 v.5 no.1 , 1994년, pp.9 - 17  

In order to survey on utilization of Kimchi, fermented vegetable food in korean families, 439 households in Kyunggi province were investigated. The results are as follows ; 1. 99% of housewives served at least 1 or more kinds of Kimchi every meal. 2. 45% of wives answered Kimchi serving was always necessary but same answered children were only 34%. 3. The taste of Kimchi was decided according to husbands(47%) in family. 4. The Kimchi preparing method was learned from their mother(65%). 5. The main kind of Kimchi was chinese cabbage Kimchi all the year round, and 88% of the subjects answered that the variety of Kimchi was different with season. 6. Almost all housewives(99%) prepared Kimchang Kimchi and 97% of subjects made 3 kinds. 7. In quantitative order, the main sorts of Kimchang Kimchi were chinese cabbage Kimchi, Dong chimee, Chonggak Kimchi and baik Kimchi. 8. The period of Kimchang Kimchi use was form Nov. to next year march(36%), and only 11% of them prepared suitable. But the excess amount of Kimchi applied other dishes and 8% of them discarded the remaining. 9. The Kimchang Kimch was kept underground(51%) and laying outdoor using Kimchang jar(32%). It was different with style of shelter.

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  1. 1997. "A Research on Kimchi culture for the Koreans in CIS(II) -The General Characteristics on Preparation and Preservation of Kimchi-" 東아시아食生活學會誌 = Journal of the East Asian Society of Dietary Life, 7(1): 97~105 


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