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논문 상세정보

식음료 서비스 산업의 과학적 경영 관리에 관한 연구

식음료경영연구 v.8 , 1997년, pp.21 - 33  

This study reviews the scientific management theories and discusses those theories within the food service industry. By providing the principles and the practical implications of the theories on the food service industry, this study tries to identify their philosophies and usefulness to the industry so that the managers in the industry use them in their dylmanic operations. In the fastly changing modern globalized world, we now face a situation where it's becoming more and more difficult to mange a restaurant business. In order to build a food industry business that can maintain a continuous development in today's business environment, one will have to apply the professional management theory in a cost-reduce strategy. It is more important though to have managers, organization members, in short, any person who can work to be motivated in accomplishing these two major issues-income increase and cost reduction. In this erawhere it's getting so difficult for researches on possible strategies for these business managers to overcome their difficulties. It is for certain that in the upcoming second millenium the travel and tourism industry will be one of the world's biggest industry worldwide. Korea's hotel industry has developed since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games and has shown great amount of competition within the same business. Thus managers have become acquainted with the "know-how" strategy and the practical and scientific managemnet theories were introduced. This helped not only to increase income but also to maximize profit. However, rather than concentration on the "Hard-ware" aspect "Soft-ware" related professional management strategies were developed along with professionalism and human service were emphazied. As such, the actual cost of food and beverages are for the hotel industry business managers the biggest shortterm expense item. Due to the natural state of food items, there is a great chance of "Loss" in preservance, and this is the reason it is complicated to effectively maintain food. As a consequence, very often, the failure to managea hotel or restaurant depends on the capability of the food and beverage preservance mangement: on how they are able to manage effectively the original price of food and beverage. Finally, the main problem of the original price management of food and beverage in Korean hotels are: a) No fixation of set price b) The difficulty to calculate the price difference between a set price and an original price. c) Lack of professinalism in managing the food and beverage original price. d) Lack of perception of the highest ranking management personnels. So as to reform these matters it is necessary to : a) Reform on the management accounting system b) Emphasize to the people in charge on the idea of original price management c) Reinforce original price mangement prevention and assurance of indepedent inspection rights d) Reat manpower

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