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논문 상세정보


Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of (Pb1-1.5xLnx)(Ti0.98Mn0.02)O3 ceramics with x=0~0.2 have been investigated. Pb(Ti0.98Mn0.02)O3 showed poor sinterability and cracking on cooling, but the substitution of Nd3+ ions into Pb2+ sites resulted in dense microstructures without cracking through reducing crystallographic anisotropy. The Nd3+ substitution, however, deteriorated the temperature stability of the piezoelectric properties because of lowering the Curie point. Electromechanical anisotropy(Kt/Kp) indicated a maximum value of 10 when x=0.1. This result might be attributed to the counteracting effects that with increasing x, the lattice anisotropy decreases while the poling becomes easier due to the increase in O2- vacancy concentration. Thickness-shear mode resonators with (Pb0.85Nd0.1)(Ti0.98Mn0.02)O3 composition showed good resonant characteristics around 4.5 MHz.

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