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논문 상세정보

마이크로버스트를 통과하는 비행기의 안전착륙을 위한 자동조종장치

Autopilot for Safe Landing in the Microburst

소음진동 = Journal of KSNVE v.7 no.4 , 1997년, pp.605 - 612  

A state feedback controller and an observer have been developed and analyzed for an aircraft's safe landing in the windshear called microburst. The observer estimates the ambient wind field as well as the full-order longitudinal state vector. The controller uses the wind and state estimates for guiding the control inputs for safe landing. For the observer and controller gains, the design methodologies of linear quadratic estimation and linear quadratic regulation have been exploited. Analysis shows that some of the microburst-induced aircraft accidents in the past might have been avoided with the designed autopilot.

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