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논문 상세정보

해체주의 건축 디자인에서 설치미술과의 상관성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Relationship to Installation Art in Deconstruction Architecture Design


The lastest art is being characterised by an ever active exchange between different genre. This is a study on the installation aspect in deconstruction architectured and interior design. The progressive and aggressive nature of installatation art embodies uncatagorized genre, the freedom of material application, introduction of the notion of time in space, the reversion of subject and object, the union of art and every experience, understanding of object through deconstruction, enlargement of concept of space, collage-style composition and layer technique. I can conclude that the installation aspect in Tshumi's Parc de la Villette is its call upon the audience to actively participate, the introduction of a coincidental conjunction, its challenge on the conventional idea of park and its flexibility caused by human activity and time. In Hadid's Hong Kong Peak Club the installation aspect is the application of layer technique using four enormous beams horizontally laid out on a man-made moutain. Furthermore, Libeskind's pursuit of the mental in Berlin Museum Extension through the penetration of an invisible line into a void creates a new interpretation of the role of a museum and thus relates itself to installation art. The installation aspect in Himmelblau's Vienna Roof Renovation is the literal deconstruction of the roof of an old building in the old section of Wien and the expression of time and space through the interrelationship between interior and exterior environment by the use of juxtaposition technique. Finally, I note that the installation aspect in Gehry's Santa Monica Residence is the reorganization of cheap material as a form of 'object', that creates spon-taneity, movement as well as flow of time in space and ex-hibit the double-sidedness of the visible world.

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