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논문 상세정보

알바 알토(Alvar Aalto)의 유기적 디자인 특성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Characteristics of Organic Design of Alvar Aalto


Alvar Aalto has pursued National Romanticism, cultural art movement in scandinavian peninsula, organic concepts of growth and suitability, comprehensive view of nature including a possibility of coexistance of human-being and the nature well harmonized. For instance, his design expressed local features of the nature, human emotions instead of geometical arts and mathematical principles. It is noteworthy today that he built up the identity with satrical architecture vocabularies, different from modern arch-itechtural idiology. The characte-ristics of his design related to interior architecture are collectively as follows; The first, Space discontinuity of the interior and exterior, gradual process by joints which are inclined to collage with many shapes in plan and section of the space and such joints are adjusted by sensual ways and stressed with inner collectivity in his works. The second, He pursued the architectural orderfor modern irreqularity, various changes and sensual harmonies. As result, free curved line, fan shape and irregular modeling were individually expressed by technics of natural features and national characteristics of Finland. The third, Organic synthesis. A harmony through med-ums in its space, materials and space effectiveness relations are made and expressed for mixed design especially harmonized of all the materials he planned, entire harmony with total design, itemized details, materials and furnitures in entire space. The fourth, The interest of the nature based on his sense harmonized with nature made him mainly use native materials, lumbers and red bricks masonry and showed and arranged various interior sky light and grazed in to let natural light in, harmony with garden to sensually cohere to the nature and courtyard, etcetera. His major subject are to direct architectural developments through the nature and human-being in his works. At this point, it is considered that his direction of the locality and independence as a human-being made the concepts of organic space structure possible.

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