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논문 상세정보

납골당 계획에 관한 사례조사 연구

A Case Study on the Planning of Charnel House


The funeral and grave system in Korea has issued that our country will become a grave. This is a result of being in favor of the funeral and grave process of burial based on long time traditions and customs. The government is allowing construction and use of charnels on a large scale in order to improve this system after analyzing the problems of the current grave system; However, those results are very few and slight because the image of existing charnels have been regarded as abomination utilities and it has been projected not to be closed to the public easily. In this stduy, we first looked at these problems using sample research and analysis. Second, we made comparisons and analysis to suggest solutions in the projecting method and feature of those spaces by carrying out a sample research project. This project was based on 3 of the biggest charnels built recently, which are out of the 54 charnels in Korea. After assaying the image according to the interior designing elements, and then proposing various several alternatives, we would like to tell how to build the future-oriented and opened charnels as the purpose of this study. Therefore, when projecting charnels, we would like to suggest the alternative solution that diminishes abomonation and closeness in the interior of the charnel through the designing consideration and increases the usage of this building by inducing traditional limitations and maintaining vertical dignity and piety by making the central axis adapting to the nature.

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