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논문 상세정보


This study was aimed to evaluate any influence of environmental factors associated with feeding on infants' growth. One hundred infants(62 males and 38 females) aged 4-9 months were measured for length and were weighed. Their mothers were interviewed using questionnaires including general and environmental characteristics and maternal feeding attitude, ideal body habitus, infant's food behavior, and infant's food behavior, and infant's temperament. A further study was conducted on 29 infants at the time their ages reached 12 months. Their dietary intakes were assessed, and blood hemoglobin and serum ferritin concentrations were measured. Z-scores of weight-for-age(WAZ) and Z-scores of height-for-age(HAZ) of 4-9 month- old infants were not correlated with age, education level, income, weight, and height of their parents. Formula-fed infants had significantly lower WAZ and body mass index (BMI) than those of breast fed infants. WAZ was significantly correlated with maternal feeding attitude, but not with ideal body habitus, infant's food behavior or infant's temperament. WAZ of 12-months after birth because of supplementary foods introduced from 6 months of age. WAZ and BMI were positively correlated with blood hemoglobin concentration. Therefore, to ensure proper growth of infants, efforts should be given to postental factors such as breast-feeding, maternal feeding attitude, adequate iron status as well as prenatal factors. (Korean J Community Nutrition 3(1) : 3∼11, 1998)

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