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논문 상세정보

음식물 쓰레기를 줄이기 위한 체계화 연구(I) -상용식품의 폐기율 조사와 급식소의 유형별 음식물 쓰레기량과 교육에 의한 개선효과

The Systematic Study on Reduction of Food Waste Products(I) -Survey on Waste Rates of Frequently Consumed Korean Foods and Effect of Education on Kitchen Wastes of Institutional Foodservices -


This research was conducted to estimate waste rates of 69 food items after pre-preparation and amounts of food wastes disposed and it's reduction effect by education in some institutional foodservices for reduction of the food wastes. The result are as follows: 1. The waste rates were 55.40% for sweet corn, 5.73% for potatoes, 19.14% for sweet potatoes, and 33.47% for chestnuts. 2. The waste rates of fruits were 0.21-49.36%. Food items with over 40% waste rate were banana, watermelon, and pineapple. 3. The waste rates of vegetables were 1.14-52.90%. The number of foods with under 10% waste rate were 14 items(red pepper, green pepper, chard, and so on), 10-20% was 9 items(perilla leaf, chinese cabbage, ginger root, and so on), 20-30% was 5 items(root of chinese bellflower, garlic, radish-leaves, burdock, welsh onion-large type), 30-40% was 3 items(shepherd's purse, head lettuce, kale) and over 40% was 3 items(water dropwort, crown daisy, mallow). 4. The waste rates were 24.30% in chicken, 9.53-13.79% in eggs, and 9.30-55.32% in fishes. The waste rates of vegetables and fishes were higher than those of other food groups. 5. There were significantly different in amount of food wastes disposed (g/person/day) to institutional foodservices (hospital>industrial institution> Korean restaurant>elementary school). The amount of food wastes disposed, especially amount in pre-preparation phase, after education for reduction of food wastes was significantly reduced. Since these study results show significant deviations in food waste rates and education effect, there should be more studies for standard waste rates of each food and systematic education method for reduction of food wastes.

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