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논문 상세정보

조선후기(朝鮮後期) 궁궐공사(宮闕工事)의 목재치련(木材治鍊)에 관한 연구

A Study on the Trimming of Wood in the Construction of the Palace in the 2nd half of the Choseon Dynasy


Broadly speaking, this paper is concentrated on the trimming of the wood demanded for the palace, constructed in the 2nd half of the Choseon Dynasty. To be concrete, this is the study on the craftman and craftmanship corncerned with the trimming of the wood, its system, and terms of payment of his wages, Construction reports, financial reports, job slips, written estimates, bills for payment, and other documents in those days are examined for the study. Following conclusions have been reached through the study. 1) The operation system of whole construction office and its suboffice was very specialized and systematized from the early 19th century. 2) The craftman engaged in trimming of the wood was subdivided by work function. 3) The craftman for its first trimming, i.e. 'keojang' or 'seonjang' had been treated as a speacial labor recruited to the mid-l8th century, after that, was enrolled into the craftman. 4) A unit cost of its first trimming was firstly appropriated into the reconstruction of the Kyongwoon Palace in the early 20th century, and it was very subdivided for a personnel management. 5) Contract works were widely applied to all workers engaged in the reconstruction for an efficiency of the accomplishments.

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