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논문 상세정보

한국 근현대건축에 나타난 전통성 표현에 관한 연구

A Study on the Expression of Traditionality in Korean Architecture


The subjects of the research is the architecture expressed traditionality from the time of the Open Port on, including North Korea region. The scope is divided into three periods; the first is from the Open Port to the Rehabilitation (光復),1945, the second is from then to 1960, and the last is from 1960 to the present. The expression of Koreanity(韓國性) should be concerned with the states at the time. In the beginning of the first period the alienate culture and the new modern facilities, like electricity, telecommunication system, train service, etc., rushes to Korea and the traditional architecture accepted the most of the new-comings; therefore, the original form was transformed. That seems to be the beginning of the discourse on traditionality in Korea architecture. The expression was showed up in four parts: ${\bullet}$ Korea traditional architecture accepting the foreign culture and the modern facilities ${\bullet}$ the compromise between foreign and traditional architectural form ${\bullet}$ the compromise between the Modem and traditional architecture ${\bullet}$ the Imperial Crown Style(帝冠樣式) which is the eclectic architecture with transformed roof. The figurative expression in the present architecture was showed up in roughly two parts: ${\bullet}$ the traditional form directly depicted wholly / partially ${\bullet}$ the abstract traditional form wholly / partially Moreover the results on the research traditional architecture have been collected, the principles have been drawn out. Especially the first beauty is not on form or figure of a building but on the composition of architectures and the harmony of the natural circumstances and architectures. So many contemporary architects make efforts to apply the principles to the composition and formation of current architecture.

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