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논문 상세정보

19세기말(世紀末) 경상감영건축(慶尙監營建築)의 배치구성(配置構成)에 관한 연구(硏究

A Study on the Dispositional Structure of Kyungsang Provincial Government Office (KamYoung) in the late 19th century


This study aims to analyze the construction of Kyungsang KAMYOUNG in the late Chosun dynasty by restoring its constructive system and relating it with the office organization. followings are the summary of this study. 1. Government office of Daegu consists of inn(KAEGSA), Kyungsang KAMYOUNG, and Daegu city hall(BUA), and JINYOUNG. 2. The layout of virtual placement is shown in the in the text. Even though it had been newly constructed due to three times of fire, the fundamental scheme of space is found out not to have been changed since mid-eighteen century at the latest. 3. Followings are the result of analyzing the space of KAMYOUNG, after dividing its space into entry area, main business area and police military business area in the aspect of business. First, entry area consists of 2 door system with external door(UOISAMMUN) and internal door(NAESAMMUN). Second, main business area consists of facilities for inspector, public officials, and low grade employee respectively This space is divided into SUNHWADANG area and JINGCHONGKAK area, and the former consists of active business facilities, and the latter consists of passive business facilities focusing on the rest facilities. Third, business support area consists of facilities for low grade employee and minor assistant respectively, which are placed to the left and right of POJONGMUN and KWANPUNGRU. Fourth, police military business space is in middle(JUNGYOUNG) and forms separate areas to the east of SUNHWADANG. Accordingly, It is certain that the space of Kyungsang KAMYOUNG had been placed in accordance with the nature of business per position.

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