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논문 상세정보


A radiation-resistant bacterium was isolated from gamma irradiated dried laver (Porphyra tenera) and its microbiological characteristics were examined. As a result of resistance test to gamma irradiation, the isolate was survived $10^{3}$ CFU/mL even at 30 kGy and significant shoulder line zone was shown until 20 kGy. The $D_{10}$ value was 11.27 kGy. The isolate was gram-positive, non-motile coccus and catalase-positive. n culture, the red-pigmented smooth colony was observed. The biochemical test in API (analytical profile index) system showed that the isolate fermented glucose and fructose as the carbon source. Therefore, a radiation-resistant bacterium isolated from laver was potentially identified as Micrococcus roseus sp.

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