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논문 상세정보

청소년 가출에 관한 이론적 고찰

Literature Review on Adolescent Runaways


It was orginally thought that runaway adolescents needed to improve their ability to cope with personal problems based on their own understanding of them. As a result we exchanged theoretical background on the matter as follows: 1. Generally, adolescency is a transitional period from childhood to adulthood and characterized by a dramatic conversion period with unique phenomena relative to other periods. Futhermore, it is the key transitional moment in the development of an adult personality. 2, Runaway adolescents are defined as 'adolescents who leave impulsively or intentionally their homes without permission of their parents for at least 24 hours.' 3. The reasons for this behavior are generally regarded as complex, interdependent and dynamic including a cast-away factor. seducing factors, and other action-provoking factors. There is also another view to explain the adolescent run-away as a combination of personal. domestic, academic, peer, or socal factors. 4. We found that adolescent runaways have different attitudes dependent on the reasons and procedures of runaways, lifestyles of adolescents. and results of their runaway experience. In conclusion, runaway adolescents are in a very important period in their development and growth of bodies and minds, but are in a great crisis for various complex reasons. Therefore, we propose that nursing should provide effective nursing interventions to improve the ability of the runaway adolescents address theses problems by themselves.


#청소년 가출  

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