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논문 상세정보

자연적 가족계획방법 사용에 대한 탐색적 연구

An Explorative Study on Using the Method of Natural Family Planning


This study was attempted to understand experiences of the users of natural family planning(NFP) by applying Q-methodology. 37 statements were used to Q population through literature research and interviews. For the P sample. I interviewed personally 30 people who had taken a lesson in NFP for over 6 months and had been using and experiencing it autonomously for more than 2 years so far, and asked them to Q-classify the statement cards in order of the degree of approval, from the one they most approved to the one they least approved. Data were coded and input into a computer and were analyzed using QUANL PC Program. In this study, I discovered 4 types of experiences by the users of NFP and named them each according to their features: the first, a type of mutual control with morality, the second, a type of the pursuit of mutual -cooperation, the third. a type of the pursuit of conviction. and the fourth, a type of the perception of health management. The first type said that NFP was a good contraceptive way in which no drug or devices are used, that the husband's cooperation was needed, and that they became able to control sexual desire with morality. The second type perceived that continuous efforts were required to put NFP in practice, that the, husband's cooperation was essential, and that dialogues between husband and wife were also necessary to use it, and as such they regarded mutual cooperation between husband and wife as highly important. On the other hand. the third type perceived that one's conviction played a big part, that knowledge of physiological changes was useful and the ability to sense physical changes improved. and that one's willpower was important. and thus they regarded one's own willpower as most important. The fourth type reported that this method was a good way to control pregnancy and should be taught about at the beginning of sex education. and thus they were emphasizing the importance of NFP as a helpful way to manage one's health. 1. therefore, intend to provide the following suggestions based on the result of this study. 1) It is necessary to develop a program that allows NFP to be applied to sex education program. 2) It is necessary to analyze factors that affect the execution of NFP. 3) It is necessary to analyze causes of failure of those who fail to execute NFP.

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