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논문 상세정보

미국이민 한국인의 건강증진 행위에 관한 연구

Health Promoting Lifestyle of Korean Immigrants in the U.S.A


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to identify the health promoting lifestyle of Korean immigrants and to develop the health promotion program for Korean immigrants. Method: The subject of the study were 207 adults chosen from Korean religious organizations located in Chicago area. The instrument used in this study was Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HPLP) by Walker. Sechrist & Pender(l995). The data were collected between August 1 and October 20. 2000 by using self-administered questionnaire. Analysis of data was done by using descriptive statistics. Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test, ANOVA. Duncan test and stepwise multiple regression with SPSS program. Result. 1) The average score of performance in the health promoting lifestyle 2.43 scores. In the subscales, the highest degree of performance was 'spiritual growth', following 'nutrition', 'interpersonal relationship', 'stress management' and 'health responsibility' and the lowest degree of performance was 'physical activity'. 2) Health promoting lifestyle was significantly correlated with such demographic variables as age (F=2.659. p=.049), family income(F=4.696. p = .027), subjective health status(F = 3.882. p=.005), the frequency of pray(F=9.442. p = .000), the frequency of reading the bible(F=8.584. p= .000) and years of residence in the US(F=4.273. p= .015). 3) Health promoting lifestyle was significantly predicted by the frequency of pray, subjective health status. current working status, taking medication, level of education and family income. These variables explained 27.4% of variance of health promoting lifestyle. Conclusion The above findings indicate that it is necessary to develop a health promotion program facilitating exercise and enhancing health responsibility for Korean immigrants. It is suggested that the comparative study to identify the differences and similarities between Korean immigrants in the U.S.A. and Korean residents in Korea.

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