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논문 상세정보

거주와 건립에 관한 한 고찰

A Study on Dwelling and Building


Since Modern period which is characterized by the governing of technology and capitalism, the production and aesthetics of building became a main issue of architectural discourse. Morever, Modern architecture tends to be a kind of media in which the visual image of building plays a far more important role than building itself. Institutionalized discipline of Architecture in modern system set aside the dwelling aspect of building and destructed close relationship between dwelling and building. This study analyzes the essential meaning of dwelling with a viewpoint of building and vise virsa in order to have a deep reflection on contemporary architecture and modern crisis of dwelling. For this purpose this study first reviewed linguistic and mythical narratives on the origin of dwelling and building. Secondly, reviewed the thought of Heidegger on dwelling and building and his thinking on authenticity of dwelling. Thirdly, reviewed drastic change of idea and reality of dwelling recent days, especially from settlement to nomad. Lastly reviewed E. Levinas' thinking on bodily dwelling or primordial mode of dwelling before poetic dwelling of Heidegger. With these review we can figure out following things on dwelling and building. Physical building or its visual image can not take the place of dwelling in itself. Dwelling and Building happens simultaneously and understood as an event in life world. Today's alienation of dwelling from building reduced our conception of architecture to a physical setting and mere technique. Building must be a ontological and cultural phenomenon beyond physical building. Nomad in this age of information and globalization may be a new mode of dwelling. But it can not exclude traditional way of dwelling on concrete space, because human being as a physical being can not abandon dwelling place that gives a primordial comfort with and within our body.

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