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논문 상세정보

일부 제조업 여성근로자의 근로환경에 관한 연구

Survey on Working Conditions of Women Workers about a Part of Manufacture


The purpose of this study was to survey working conditions of women workers. We conducted a field survey of 504 manufacturing company with many women working from May 13 to June 29, 2002. We focused on only 3 categories of metal, textile and electronics industry. The result were as follows : 1. Subjects were constituted metal 27.0%, textile 37.9% and electronics industry 35.1%. Size distribution was small scale(<50 workers) 38.1%, medium(50-299 workers) 50.2% and large(${\geq}300$ workers) company 11.7%. Women workers' proportion was 43.6% of total workers, 63.8% of total contractors. 2. A medical examination enforcement of contractors workers was very poor in comparison with that of employees(p<0.001). 3. A 53.8% of total companies have conducted shiftwork system and 2-crew 2-shift(12 hours shift system) ranked first, 56.1%(151 companies). 4. Only 61.3% of total companies conducted more than 90 days as legal standard of a maternity leave and only 2.6% of total companies had a day nursery. In conclusion, many strategies for women workers are needed by companies and government. For example, the raising of understanding about maternity protection, social support insurancing of woman worker and occupational health system improvement for contractors and small size companies.

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