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논문 상세정보


In vitro cultures of watermelon were treated with antimitotic agent colchicine to induce ploidy alterations, particularly the induction of tetraploids. Explants cotyledon, embryonic end of seed, transverse sections of epicotyl and hypocotyl were cultured on MS media supplemented with BA ($1{\mu}M$) and colchicine ($0.01\%,\;0.05\%\;and\;0.1\%$). Explants were subcultured on colchicine free media after 4 and 7 days. Colchicine had negative effect on in vitro regeneration but this exhibited explants related response. However, hypocotyl section of seedlings induced maximum callus on $0.01\%$ colchicine. Shoot proliferation was more in cotyledon explants cultured on colchicine ($0.01\%$) for four days. Maximum root induction and root number were recorded in embryonic end explants. Overall, cotyledon and embryonic end explants, and low colchicine concentration ($0.01\%$) was found optimal in watermelon regeneration.

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