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논문 상세정보

추후관리를 받은 저출생체중아 어머니의 양육자신감, 사회적지지 및 자아존중감 비교

The Effects of Follow-Up Care on Social Support, Self-esteem and Maternal Confidence in Low Birth-weight Infant's Mothers


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of follow-up care on the social support, self-esteem and maternal confidence in mothers of low birth weight infants. Method: This study applied a quasi-experiment study method to examine the pre-post intervention effects. Eighty-eight mothers whose infants were below 2.5kg of Low birth weight were studied. The period for the data collection was from July to December in 2003. Self Reported Survey and Face to Face Interview by the highly trained home Visiting Nurses were used for this study. Result: Most of the participants reported statistically significant improvements in the score of social support, self-esteem and maternal confidence after they received the intervention. Conclusion: Longitudinal study for the mothers of low birth weight infants might reveal more comprehensive findings. Moreover, follow-up care, which is linked with community health care services, is needed to continue the post hospital care services. Additionally, qualified and professional intervention programs should be provided to consider the characteristics of mothers of low birth weight infants.

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