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논문 상세정보

경주시 보호수 생육실태 연구

A Study on Growth Conditions of the Protected Trees in Gyeongju-si


The purpose of this study is to survey and analyze the growth, management and surrounding environment of the big and old trees in Kyoungju-si or the cultural assets alive in our history, and thereby, provide for some data useful to their reasonable protection and use of their surrounding areas. As a result of surveying the growth conditions of the big and old trees, it was found that the height of new grass was 10.5cm on average, the activity scale of the wood was 7.2k$\Omega$, the soil hardness was $16.7kg/cm^2$, the soil acidity was pH 4.8, and the soil moisture was $13.3\%$. Such findings suggest that the soil has been acidified by people's frequent passages, but that the other growth conditions are more or less normal. Hence, it is desirable to secure a sufficient space around the trees or reduce people's stamping pressure with some mechanisms. On the other hand, the visible conditions of the trees were found more or less normal, but many trees remained cut or barked (with some cavities), requiring an optimal treatment or measure. Lastly, as the population has decreased in the suburban traditional villages, the surrounding environment seems to be less vulnerable to people's frequent visits. Nevertheless, in consideration of the fact that there are only a few public space for the villagers, it is deemed necessary to rearrange or maintain some parts of the surrounding environment as public space for villagers or hikers.

저자의 다른 논문

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