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Effects of elevated $CO_2$ on soil microorganisms are known to be mediated by various interactions with plants, for which such effects are relatively poorly documented. In this review, we summarize and syn­thesize results from studies assessing impacts of elevated $CO_2$ on soil ecosystems, focusing primarily on plants and a variety the of microbial processes. The processes considered include changes in microbial biomass of C and N, microbial number, respiration rates, organic matter decomposition, soil enzyme activities, microbial community composition, and functional groups of bacteria mediating trace gas emission such as methane and nitrous oxide. Elevated $CO_2$ in atmosphere may enhance certain micro­bial processes such as $CH_4$ emission from wetlands due to enhanced carbon supply from plants. How­ever, responses of extracellular enzyme activities and microbial community structure are still controversy, because interferences with other factors such as the types of plants, nutrient availabilitial in soil, soil types, analysis methods, and types of $CO_2$ fumigation systems are not fully understood.

저자의 다른 논문

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