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논문 상세정보


Eudragit E100 microcapsules containing nisin were prepared and employed to control the ripening of kimchi. The recovery yields of microcapsules without/with nisin ranged from 93.53 to 94.61 % and 92.85 to 94.09 %, respectively. The particle size of microcapsules decreased (>200 to $100\;{\mu}m$) as the amount of aluminium tristearate increased from 6.0 to 15 %. The microcapsules were morphologically spherical and possessed rough surface. Nisin was completely released from the microcapsules within a day at pH 3.0 and within two days at pH 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0, respectively, whereas half the amount of nisin was released at pH 7.0 within two days. During fermentation of kimchi with microcapsules containing nisin, the pH decrease was retarded which resulted in a constant pH of approximately 4.2. The pH of 4.2 was optimal for ripening of kimchi for a longer period of time when compared with samples without nisin.

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