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Salinity of soils in greenhouse has been increased by massive application of fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizer was most popular, and thus nitrate became the majority of soil salinity. Accumulation of nitrate led to deleterious effects on the growth and development of crops and vegetables. Microbial strains able to utilize nitrate and thus remove excess nitrate from farm land soils were isolated from 15 different soils of greenhouses and plastic film houses. Four strains able to grow in medium containing 50 mM $KNO_3$ were isolated, among which only E0461 showed high capacity of nitrate uptake. Nitrate uptake by E0461 was dependent on culture medium and was increased by addition of tryptone and peptone. Although E0461 was able to grow without tryptone and peptone, growth was slow, and no nitrate uptake was observed. Nitrate appeared to facilitate E0461 growth in the presence of tryptone and peptone. Through kinetic analysis, nitrate uptake was measured at various concentrations of nitrate, and half-life was calculated. Nitrate concentration decreased with increasing incubation period, and plot between half-lives and initial concentrations of nitrate fitted to single exponential function. These results suggest one major factor plays an important role in microbial nitrate uptake.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Choi, Tae-Keun ; Kim, Sung-Tae ; Han, Min-Woo ; Kim, Young-Kee 2008. "Enhanced Nitrate Uptake by Enterobacter amnigenus GG0461 at Alkaline pH" 한국응용생명화학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry, 51(1): 1~5 
  2. 2010. "" Journal of the Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry, 53(2): 164~169 


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