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논문 상세정보

도시와 농촌지역 여성노인의 건강증진행위와 관련요인 비교

A Comparative Study on Health Promotion Behaviors and Affecting Factors of Aged Women in Urban and Rural Area


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to compare health promotion behavior and influencing factors between aged women of rural areas and urban areas, to investigate factors affecting their behavior, and to provide the primary data for developing heath enhancing program that is appropriate for the population. Method: A survey was conducted on 221 aged women 100 from urban areas and 121 from rural area. The data were collected through a questionnaire and interview. Descriptive statistics, ANOVA and multiple stepwise regression were found by using SPSS PC Win. Package. Result: There were significant difference of factors relating health promotion behavior in Pender model between the aged women in urban areas and rural areas, urban women showed higher scores in factors such as previous heath relating behavior, perceived confidence, self-efficacy, social support, satisfaction with marriage, situational influence, and behavioral plan involvement, while rural women showed higher scores in the factors of fixed idea regarding gender role, perceived disabled feeling, and activity related emotions. At the subscale of HPLP, interpersonal relation, nutrition, health responsibility, stress management, spiritual growth of rural group was lower than urban group. With the multiple stepwise regression analysis, commitment to a plan of action, social support, activity related affect, self efficacy were proved to be significant to urban group, while commitment to a plan of action. activity related affect, social support, sex-role stereotype were proved to be significant to rural group statistically. Conclusion: There were differences of health promotion behavior and influencing factors between aged women in urban areas and rural areas and women in rural areas were found to have more weakness than women in urban areas. With the results, it is concluded that health promotion programs for aged woman should be designed differently between urban and rural area regarding the factors affecting health promotion behaviors.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (4)

  1. Park, Jeong-Sook ; Kwon, Sang-Min ; Oh, Yun-Jung 2009. "Health Promotion Behavior, Health Problems, Perceived Health Status and Farmers' Syndrome of Rural Residents" 農村醫學·地域保健 = Journal of agricultural medicine & community health, 34(1): 47~57 
  2. Jang, Hee-Sun ; Kim, Yun-Jeong 2010. "A Study on physical health, economical state and social relations of women elderly living alone in an island" 농촌지도와 개발 = Journal of agricultural extension & community development, 17(2): 233~259 
  3. Kim, Young-Ji ; Kim, Keum-Soon ; Kim, Jeong-Sig 2013. "Menopausal Symptoms and Quality of Life according to Hormone Replacement Therapy in Rural Postmenopausal Women" 재활간호학회지 = The Korean journal of rehabilitation nursing, 16(1): 18~26 
  4. Rhie, Seung Gyo ; Hwang, Jeong-Im ; Won, Hyang Rye 2014. "Changes in Residential and Dietary Environments for People in Their Seventies and Eighties in Comparison to Those in Their Forties in Rural Area (2001-2010)" 한국지역사회생활과학회지 = The Korean Journal of Community Living Science, 25(3): 401~415 


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