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논문 상세정보

건축과 도시개발의 사회경제적 주요 영향과 효과에 관한 역사적 고찰

A Study for the Historical Consideration of Social Economical Main Impacts and Spread In Architectural and Urban Development


Tough Korean architecture and urban environment has been developed for almost 100 years, it still remains various kinds of problems. Many attempts was carried out by every new plan to reduce the problems, it result in requiring more investment than before. It means all the investment for the development has been inefficient and immature to protect economic problems compared with the developed country. For the reason of economic problems it must be studied in historical cases which influenced the economic impacts, before the proposal of index with the economic theory. Searching typical architecture or urban development that brought about economic impacts can be classified into 3 cases. First case is the impact that caused the economic growth, increase, boom like the Westminster & others and the american architectures after the economic crisis. Second case is the impacts that was the origin of decline, shrink in economic as the Palace of Versailles, the skyscrape buildings in america before the economic crisis. Third case is the impact that was the both role of increase and decline in economic as the modern architecture in industrial revolution which led to the national economic growth and the gap between the rich and the poor, and as the american architecture that was the root of crisis and the revival in economic. From the case study, it is clear that architecture has relation with economics in various factors as mass production, labour, and another industries all over the history & the world. Now, architecture strongly needed not only to raise functional, cultural effect and value, but to predict and control the economic impacts with theory from further research of historical cases to policy and practise.

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