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논문 상세정보


We have investigated the luster of modified cross-sectional fiber fabrics as one of the essential quality estimates for clothing development. We have confirmed an objective evaluation method, and have determined the experimental luster char­acteristics of modified cross-section fibers. The cross-section of the fibers in a fabric affects the appearance of a textile. We used the image analysis method to investigate the luster to determine the critical factors influencing the appearance of modi­fied cross-section fiber fabrics. For similarly structured textiles in a component fabric, clear differences were observed in the fabric weave, density, percentage, and total area of blobs, which is image region. Color played a decisive role in the luster of the textiles, and luster was not significantly influenced by the modified cross-section fabric weave. In addition, the degree of luster did not increase in the order plain to twill to satin for modified cross-sectional fiber fabrics. All the split-type microfi­bers exhibited higher numerical luster values (percentage of pixels, and number and total area of blobs) than sea-island microfibers did. The degree of luster of the modified cross-sectional fiber fabrics was not high at specular reflection angles.

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