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논문 상세정보

한의학적인 생명관의 특징과 건강의 정의

Concepts of Life and Health Definition in Traditional Korean Medicine


With the reduction of contagious diseases throughout the world and prolonged life expectancy has lead into increase of habitual related diseases. Industrial development and better economic situation made people more concerned about their health. As primary illnesses are subdued in the past years, health care system and the public value prevention and well-being more than the treatment itself. Based on this trend, this study focused on the view of life from the perspective of Oriental medicine as it's peculiarities, regimen methods, and the definition of healthy life are evaluated. Following results were obtained: - View of life in Oriental medicine focused on two basic principles of interrelationship between the organs internally, inter-dependency with the natural environment and social surrounding externally as recognition and respect between the medium were valued. - Sustaining and maintaining good health in Oriental medicine are closely related to prenatally healthy pregnancy and fetation, as well as prenatal training. Postnatal maintenance includes accommodation to seasonal changes, adequate food intake, mind control, various regimen methods and avoidance of wrong doings. - Defining health includes body's internal condition and external influences, principles of essence, qi, spirit, and yin and yang, harmony and balance, and individuality. - To conclude, good health in Oriental medicine is defined as 'external adaptation to society and natural environment, and internal balancing of individual difference with accumulation of essence, nurturing and circulating qi, and every material around the body in harmony and balance."

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