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논문 상세정보

도시 환경음의 쾌적성 평가요인에 관한 연구

Acoustic Amenity Factor of Urban Environmental Sound for the Ecological Soundscape


The assessment of an urban site depends on the way whether it responds to multiple needs such as functionality, aesthetic and complex comfort of acoustic, thermal, lighting and air quality etc. This study aims to investigate the assessment of various urban soundscapes in the sense of acoustic amenity by the questionnaires. As a result, acoustic amenity assessment was influenced by the non-acoustic factors such as environment assessment of visual, thermal, air quality etc. In the sense of sound quality, urban environmental sound was interpreted as 3 factors of strength, evolution of time, spacial localization. So these factors would be considered in the new assessment method for acoustic amenity. And it was shown that the subjects tend to perceive the noise level less than $3{\sim}5dB\;L_{eqA}$ according to the urban landscapes under the similar noise exposure level.

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