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논문 상세정보

직장인의 여가활동 유형 및 여가만족과 직무만족과의 관계

A Study on the Relationship among Leisure Activity, Leisure Satisfaction, and Job Satisfaction


The purposes of this study were to analyze the types of leisure activities and level of leisure satisfaction with practice of a five-day workweek, and examined the relationship between leisure satisfaction and job satisfaction. The data were based on the questionnaire with 264 working employee residing in Seoul. The results indicated that the most frequently participating activities were sports, use of media, loaming activities in order. And there were no significant differences in types of leisure activities between 5 day working employees and 6 day working employees. Secondly, general level of leisure satisfaction was the highest when participating religious activities. Thirdly, it was found that only social satisfaction was positively related to job satisfaction, and social satisfaction influenced job satisfaction. Further discussions and implications were discussed.

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