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논문 상세정보

공진흑원단(拱辰黑元丹)이 초기노화(初期老化) 흰 쥐의 항노화(抗老化) 및 항산화(抗酸化)에 미치는 영향

Anti-aging and Anti-oxidative Effect of Gongjinhugwon-dan in Early Stages of Aging Rats


1. Objectives Purpose of this study is to prove anti-aging and anti-oxidative effects of Gongjinhugwon-dan decoction. 2. Methods The SD rats used in this experiment were 6, 18, and 36 weeks old. Each age group was again divided into three groups. These nine groups consisted of 8 rats each. One group was given no treatment, another group was dosed $200{\mu}l$ of normal saline daily, and the last group was dosed $200{\mu}l$ of 1 % Gongjinhugwon-dan and saline mixture. At the conclusion of the experiment, the age groups were relabelled accordingly (10 weeks, 22 weeks, and 40 weeks). After 4 weeks, change of weight and liver markers were measured. Serum LDL cholesterol, total bilirubin, albumin, glucose, GOT and GPT levels were observed in order to check the hematological modification. Also, each organ tissue was biopsied in order to measure the SOD activity and the glutathione content change. 3. Results & Conclusions Aging did not cause any significant change in GOT and LDH, but GPT and albumin levels showed increase after GHD intake. Serum GPT was lower in the experimental group. Serum total bilirubin of the 40 w GHD group was significantly increased. The populations of dendritic cells in the spleens of the GHD groups were significantly increased. The levels of GSH in the liver of the 40 w GHD group and in the kidney of 22w-GSD were significantly increased in comparison with those of the normal groups. The degenerative change of brain tissue was decreased in the 40 w GHD group compared with those of the 40w normal group and the 40 w saline group. These results suggest that anti-oxidative GSH concentration of liver and kidney in rats treated with GHD showed significant increase in the 40 w GHD group. GHD was effective on increasing anti-oxidative substance in liver and dendritic cells in spleen, thus helping immune system and preventing cell mutation and degenerative change of brain tissues. Further studies and clinical investigation with GHD is needed.

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