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논문 상세정보

Case Study of Non-Metallic Repair Systems for Metallic Piping

Corrosion science and technology v.7 no.1 , 2008년, pp.6 - 12  

Non-metallic composite overwrap repair methods utilize resin based fiber-reinforced composite materials, which have higher specific strength to weight ratio and stiffness, superior corrosion and fatigue resistance, and substantially reduced weight when compared to carbon steel. Non-metallic repair methods/systems can allow desired functional properties to be achieved at a respectable economic advantage. For example, non-metallic composite repair systems have at least a 50 year design stress of 20 ksi and approximately 25% of the short term tensile strength of fiberglass. For these systems, the contribution of the repaired steel to the load carrying capability need not be considered, as the strength of the repair itself is sufficient to carry the internal pressure. Worldwide experience in the Oil & Gas industry confirms the integrity, durability, inherent permanency, and cost-effectiveness of non-metallic composite repair or rehabilitation systems. A case study of a recent application of a composite repair system in Saudi Aramco resulted in savings of 37% for offshore subsea line and 75% for onshore above grade pipeline job. Maintaining a pipeline can be costly but it is very small in comparison to the cost of a failure. Pipeline proponents must balance maintenance costs with pipeline integrity. The purpose is not just to save money but also to attain a level of safety that is acceptable. This technology involves the use of an epoxy polymer resin based, fiber-reinforced composite sleeve system for rehabilitation and /or repair pipelines.

참고문헌 (4)

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  4. AEA Technology Document 75394, Review of NDT Techniques for the Inspection of Composite Repairs, 2002 

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