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로드휠의 슬립을 고려한 군용 궤도차량의 조향특성에 관한 연구

The Steering Characteristics of Military Tracked Vehicles with Considering Slippage of Roadwheel


In this paper, the steering characteristics of tracked vehicles are studied for the improvement of steering performance. The important design factor of military vehicles is high mobility. It is influenced by weight of a vehicle, engine capacity, power-train, and steering system. The military vehicle, which is equipped with caterpillar, has unique steering characteristics and is quite different from that of a wheeled vehicle. The steering of tracked vehicles is operated in the power pack due to different speeds of both sprockets. Under cornering conditions, power split and power regeneration are happened in the power pack. In case of power regeneration, power is transferred outside track after adding engine power and power inputted inside track from the ground. However, excessive power regeneration is transferred in the power pack. It damages mechanical elements. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the steering system and check mentioned problem above. In this study, the detailed dynamic model of steering system is presented, which includes slippage between track and roadwheel, inertia force, and inertia moment. Finally, our model is compared with the Kitano model and we verified the validity of the model.

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