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논문 상세정보


Aramid fibers are mainly used for industrial applications and human body protection against ballistic threats. But they are used mostly in forms of composites. And fabrics woven with a high yarn count offer a moderate protection performance against the knife stabbing due to the low shear strength. This research is focused on investigating the effect of the aramid core-spun yarns on the stab resistance of the woven fabrics. With the aramid core-spun yarns with core to sheath weight ratio of 1 to 2.5 the armor specimens having different fabric densities were prepared and the knife edge impact test was conducted. On the impact energy of the knife at the level 1 according to the NIJ standard, the drop tower test results demonstrated that fabric density of the armor specimens affected the stab resistance significantly. The penetration depth of the impactor through the armor specimens was associated with the thickness and mass of the armor sample in different ways. Being the stab resistance introduced by considering the penetration depth of the impactor via thickness and weight per surface area, the effects of the fabric conditions on the anti-stabbing property could be systematically analyzed and turned out that there was an optimal level of the fabric density, showing the most effective stab resistance.

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  1. 2011. "" Fibers and polymers, 12(6): 808~815 


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