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논문 상세정보

외부활동에 따른 자외선 노출이 피부에 미치는 영향 연구 -피부물리치료를 위한 기초 연구

A study on the effect of UV exposure on the skin due to external activities


Background : The purpose of this study is to verify the type of influence on the skin color according to the photoaging symptoms depending on the degree of external activities among the factors that influence the skin due to UV exposure and to obtain the basic study data on the physical therapy of the skin. Methods : In this study, in order to investigate the type of influence on the skin color according to the photoaging symptoms when the body is exposed to the UV rays having various effects on our body, a study was conducted using questionnaires and skin color measurement tool targeting 20 male college soccer students with many external activities and the senior high school students who has relatively less external activities due to the preparation for college entrance. The skin color was measured and the results were compared. Result : In the test group having relatively higher external activities, while they had less use of the sunscreen, they had more degree of UV exposure, and for the recognition of ultraviolet hazard, more were aware that it was harmful. In addition, in the skin color measurement test conducted targeting the son and the father in order to investigate the association between the skin color and the genetic factors, the experimental group showed a significant difference(p.05). Conclusion : Based on such study results, the UV exposure time and the use of sunscreen are thought to be an important factor in the skin care.

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