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논문 상세정보

연근해 어선원 재해 현황과 저감 대책 마련을 위한 기초 연구

A basic research on risk control measure for reducing the fishermen's occupational accident in offshore and coastal fishing vessel


The aim of this study is to research attributes of fishermen's occupational accidents for investigating the measure of risk control on situational condition in the Korean offshore and coastal fishing vessel. Using data of fishermen's occupational accidents are from National federation of fisheries cooperatives for 2013. The results were as belows; Occupational accident occurrence rate was 29.5‰, slips & trips and struck by object and contact with gear were shown severe occurrence pattern. Occupational accident occurrence rate of offshore fisheries was 130.2‰, coastal was 16.9‰, specially the risk rates were severely high in several type of danish seine, stow net and offshore trap. Death rate by accidents was 10.6‰ and by fall into the water in occurrence pattern was 5.5‰.

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