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논문 상세정보

에탄 열분해 공정에서 관형 반응기 내벽 온도 조건이 부산물 생성에 미치는 영향



It is a essential to minimize production of by-products for economically effective petrochemical process. In order to find key factor to achieve the effective process, 2-dimensional computational fluid dynamics considering a variety of physics such as convective and radiative heat transfer and thermal cracking of ethane are carried out. The reactor is modeled as an isothermal tube, whose length is 1.2 m and radius is 0.01 m, respectively. At first, the axial distribution of representative by-products in ethane thermal cracking are investigated in each inner wall temperature conditions. Then the comparison between concentration of propene($C_3H_6$) and ethane conversion is discussed with respect to inner wall temperature conditions too. Finally, both reaction rate and turbulent kinetic energy are used to identify the production mechanism of $C_3H_6$ under the intersection point in the plot for $C_3H_6$ molar concentration and ethane conversion.

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