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논문 상세정보

문헌적 고찰에 의한 백제 복식의 기원과 변천에 관한 역사적 연구

A Historical study of the Origin and Development Baekje Costume based on Literature Documents


This article has significance in that it examines origin and developments of Baekje costume based on the validity of the reference material that can be used to infer the look of Baekje costume. On the basis of literature documents in Korea and China the shapes of it are examined, and the reliability of contents recorded in the sources is lexically reviewed. Errors related with features of the Baekje costume is minimized by investigating controversial issues in terms of periods and some parts which cannot be identified as the shapes of it. The changing aspects of the Baekje costume by flow of time can be observed based on various records in the literatures. The origin of it can be found in records regarding the costumes of Mahan and Buyeo. Baekje inherited the separate-type of costume structure from before the period of it, and possessed superior weaving technology. In the 3th century, the Baekje costume seemed to be established, and gradually developed from 4th to 5th century. As it continued to be developed, its frame was accomplished at the late 6th century. The shapes of it appeared to be further elaborated, specified, and therefore systematized in the 7th century.

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