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논문 상세정보

CMAQ 모델링을 통한 초기 기상장에 대한 미세먼지 농도 예측 민감도 연구

Sensitivity Study of the Initial Meteorological Fields on the PM10 Concentration Predictions Using CMAQ Modeling


Sensitivity analysis on $PM_{10}$ forecasting simulations was carried out by using two different initial and boundary conditions of meteorological fields: NCEP/FNL (National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Final Analysis) reanlaysis data and NCEP/GFS (National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Global Forecast System) forecasting data, and the comparisons were made between two different simulations. The two results both yielded lower $PM_{10}$ concentrations than observations, with relatively lower biased results by NCEP/FNL than NCEP/GFS. We explored the detailed individual meteorological variables to associate with $PM_{10}$ prediction performance. With the results of NCEP/FNL outperforming GFS, our conclusion is that no particular significant bias was found in temperature fields between NCEP/FNL and NCEP/GFS data, while the overestimated wind speed by NCEP/GFS data influenced on the lower $PM_{10}$ concentrations simulation than NCEP/FNL, by decreasing the duration time of high-$PM_{10}$ loaded air mass over both coastal and metropolitan areas. These comparative characteristics of FNL against GFS data such as maximum 3~4 m/s weaker wind speed, $PM_{10}$ concentration control with the highest possible factor of 1.3~1.6, and one or two hour difference of peak time for each case in this study, were also reflected into the results of statistical analysis. It is implying that improving the surface wind speed fluctuation is an important controlling factor for the better prediction of $PM_{10}$ over Korean Peninsula.

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