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논문 상세정보


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of replacing perlite (PL) with pellets processed with poultry feather fiber as an inert material to prepare growing medium. The growth and flowering of Salvia splendens 'Vista Red' grown in individual growing medium $Biosangto^{(R)}$, peat moss (PM), PL, and two pellets (P45-1 and P45-2) were evaluated. Peat moss was mixed with PL, P45-1, or P45-2 at various ratios (1:0 to 1:3 or 3:1 by volume) to investigate the feasibility of replacing PL with pellets. Nutrient composition of the growing medium and leaf tissues was analyzed. The number of florets, inflorescence length, plant height, and fresh weight of plants grown in media containing P45-1 or P45-2 were reduced compared to those grown in individual growing medium PM or PL. As the mixing ratio of P45-1 or P45-2 to PM was higher, the growth of salvia, such as inflorescence length, plant height, number of leaves, and fresh weight was inhibited. Our results indicate that mixing three parts PM with one part of P45-1 (PM/P45-1/3:1) or P45-2 (PM/P45-2/3:1) accelerated flowering and increased the number of florets and leaves compared to other mixing ratios of PM and pellets media. The concentrations of phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), boron (B), iron (Fe), and copper (Cu) in individual growing medium PL, P45-1, and P45-2 were significantly lower than those in PM. The concentration of N was the highest in leaves of plants grown in P45-1 or P45-2 amended media, and the concentrations of P, Ca, and zinc (Zn) in leaves were lower in individual growing medium P45-1 or P45-2 than in PM and PL. The pH of PM/P45-1/3:1 or PM/P45-2/3:1 media was maintained at optimal level (5.8-5.9) and the concentrations of macro- and micro-elements in the media and leaves were considered to be optimal levels. Therefore, mixing three parts PM with one part P45-1(PM:P45-1/3:1) or P45-2 (PM:P45-2/3:1) is recommended for improved growth and flowering in salvia. This suggests that P45-1 or P45-2 can replace PL as an inert material to prepare growing medium.

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