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논문 상세정보

토직, 상토 및 양액육묘에 의해 생산된 묘삼의 본포 이식 후 생장특성

Growth Characteristics of Ginseng Seedling Transplanting by Self Soil Nusery, Nursery or Hydroponic Culture on Main Field


Background: The production method of ginseng seedlings for ginseng cultivation is very important to ensure healthy rooting system as well as high quality, and yield of the resultant plants. This study was carried out to compare the growth characteristics of 2-year-old ginseng plants that were produced from seedlings grown in self soil nursery (SSN), nursery soil (NS) or hydroponic culture (HC). Methods and Results: The shading prop used was composed of four-layered 4 polyethylene (blue 3 + black 1) shade screen. The management of main field was done by inserting oil cake (1,200 kg/10 a) and then allowing Sudan grass to grow for a year. Seedling transplantation was carried out on April 6. Root growth was measured on October 25. Root weight was observed to be excellent at 6.0 g, following SSN transplantation. Root length was 21.2 cm for HC seedlings, but these plants had a physiological disorder (i.e., rusty root), in 83.5% plants of this treatment. The ratio of PD/PT (protopanaxadiol saponins / protopanaxatriol saponins) was higher in NS seedlings. Plant analysis revealed that Fe content was lower in HC seedlings with high rustiness. The growth of 2-years-old ginseng was different following these varying seedling cultivation methods, but seedlings from NS were not different from those grown in SSN. Conclusions: For the propagation of 2-year-old ginseng plants, NS seedlings may be a good substitute for SSN seedlings.

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