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논문 상세정보

Efficient Query Retrieval from Social Data in Neo4j using LIndex


The unstructured and semi-structured big data in social network poses new challenges in query retrieval. This requirement needs to be met by introducing quality retrieval time measures like indexing. Due to the huge volume of data storage, there originate the need for efficient index algorithms to promote query processing. However, conventional algorithms fail to index the huge amount of frequently obtained information in real time and fall short of providing scalable indexing service. In this paper, a new LIndex algorithm, which is a heuristic on Lucene is built on Neo4jHA architecture that holds the social network Big data. LIndex is a flexible and simplified adaptive indexing scheme that ascendancy decomposed shortest paths around term neighbors as basic indexing unit. This newfangled index proves to be effectual in query space pruning of graph database Neo4j, scalable in index construction and deployment. A graph query is processed and optimized beyond the traditional Lucene in a time-based manner to a more efficient path method in LIndex. This advanced algorithm significantly reduces query fetch without compromising the quality of results in time. The experiments are conducted to confirm the efficiency of the proposed query retrieval in Neo4j graph NoSQL database.

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