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논문 상세정보

구름방울 활성화 과정 모수화 방법에 따른 구름 형성의 민감도 실험

Sensitivity Test of the Parameterization Methods of Cloud Droplet Activation Process in Model Simulation of Cloud Formation

대기 = Atmosphere v.28 no.2 , 2018년, pp.211 - 222  

Cloud droplet activation process is well described by $K{\ddot{o}}hler$ theory and several parameterizations based on $K{\ddot{o}}hler$ theory are used in a wide range of models to represent this process. Here, we test the two different method of calculating the solute effect in the $K{\ddot{o}}hler$ equation, i.e., osmotic coefficient method (OSM) and ${\kappa}-K{\ddot{o}}hler$ method (KK). To do that, each method is implemented in the cloud droplet activation parameterization module of WRF-CHEM (Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled with Chemistry) model. It is assumed that aerosols are composed of five major components (i.e., sulfate, organic matter, black carbon, mineral dust, and sea salt). Both methods calculate similar representative hygroscopicity parameter values of 0.2~0.3 over the land, and 0.6~0.7 over the ocean, which are close to estimated values in previous studies. Simulated precipitation, and meteorological variables (i.e., specific heat and temperature) show good agreement with reanalysis. Spatial patterns of precipitation and liquid water path from model results and satellite data show similarity in general, but on regional scale spatial patterns and intensity show some discrepancy. However, meteorological variables, precipitation, and liquid water path do not show significant differences between OSM and KK simulations. So we suggest that the relatively simple KK method can be a good alternative to the OSM method that requires various information of density, molecular weight and dissociation number of each individual species in calculating the solute effect.

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