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논문 상세정보

저농도 은이 함유된 LTCC 전극공정부산물로부터 은 회수 및 나노입자 제조 연구

Study on the Recovery Silver and Nanoparticles Synthesis from LTCC By-products of Lowly Concentrated Silver


In this paper, the recovery and nanoparticle synthesis of Ag from low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) by-products are studied. The effect of reaction behavior on Ag leaching conditions from the LTCC by-products is confirmed. The optimum leaching conditions are determined to be: 5 M $HNO_3$, a reaction temperature of $75^{\circ}C$, and a pulp density of 50 g/L at 60 min. For the selective recovery of Ag, the [Cl]/[Ag] equivalence ratio experiment is performed using added HCl; most of the Ag (more than 99%) is recovered. The XRD and MP-AES results confirm that the powder is AgCl and that impurities are at less than 1%. Ag nanoparticles are synthesized using a chemical reduction process for recycling, $NaBH_4$ and PVP are used as reducing agents and dispersion stabilizers. UV-vis and FE-SEM results show that AgCl powder is precipitated and that Ag nanoparticles are synthesized. Ag nanoparticles of 100% Ag are obtained under the chemical reaction conditions.

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